There are many things you should consider before buying a house, mold is one of them. This article might seem like a house-buying guide to you, but we will mainly talk about when you should walk away from a house with mold.

Mold growing in a home is a genuine issue that most house owners do not take seriously. As a result, mold takes over the house and when it comes to selling the house, they have to spend a lot of money on cleaning and renovating the house.

If the home you are looking forward to buying is filled with mold and the damage from mold seems unfixable, then you should definitely walk from it. Look out for how much mold has grown in the house and how much it has affected the structure of the house. If the structure of the house is greatly damaged by mold, you should just walk away from it.

Believe it or not but here at Mold Removal Denver CO, a lot of the customers consult us with a malfunctioning house that is filled with mold. We do help them, but it seems quite unfortunate for them to get stuck with such a house. We believe, if you are going to buy your dream house you should pay for your comfort.

In this article, we will discuss about if you should walk away from a house with mold and when to walk away from a house with mold.

So, let us get started.

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Should I Buy A House With Mold?

It depends on how much mold you have in that house and if the structure of the house is still infected with mold or not.

Suppose you bought a house with all of your savings and now you discovered that the house is filled with mold. This type of situation requires lots of money to clean that mold up. So, now you have to pay for that house plus you have to spend more money to clean that mold up.

Not so value for money deal, right? If you are paying for something you want, you have the right to enjoy it to the fullest.

Consider these things before deciding to buy a moldy house

  • If the house is being sold for a decent price and within your budget.
  • If you do not see or find any visible issues during the inspection.
  • If the mold is present in there is not much and will not cost much.
  • If mold has not affected the structure of the house.
  • If the previous owner is willing to fix the problems.

If these steps are in your favor, you should definitely buy them.

Also, look out for these steps before buying a house.

  • If the house is out of your budget.
  • If you see visible damage in the house that might cost more to fix it.
  • If the mold growth is alarming and has affected the structure of the house.
  • If the previous owner is not willing to fix the problems.

In these scenarios, you should defiantly walk away from the home like Forrest Gump!

What If You Still Want The House?

If you still want the house despite the mold issue then you should consult a mold remediation company, and hire an inspector to count how much it will cost to totally remove and clean the house from mold.

The inspector will also help you see some things ordinary people don’t see. Want to get an estimation? Just give us a call.

Here is a pricing guide for you to consider if you are willing to pay that much money to fix the house.

LocationMold RangePer sq. foot costOverall cost
Kitchen50 sq. ft.$13$650
Bathroom100 sq. ft.$14$1,400
Crawl space100 sq. ft.$15$1,500
Attic200 sq. ft.$15$3,000
Drywall300 sq. ft.$15$4,500
Air ducts200 sq. ft.$16$3,200
Basement200 sq. ft.$15$3,000
Whole house2,500 sq. ft.$13$32,500

Note that, this pricing list is not constant. It will change according to the inspector’s inspection and how much mold you have in that house.

Getting A Mold Inspection When Buying A House?

Yes, this is something you should always do before buying a house. The mold inspector will act like your friend in buying the house.

The mold inspector will inspect the whole house and including the narrow spaces that you can’t see. This step might seem like an extra thing to you but trust me it’s worth every penny.

Sometimes house owners deceive the buyers by covering the faults in their homes. Hiring a mold inspector will help you to not get deceived.

Getting a mold inspection will help you in gaining an overall insight into the house and the inspector will also tell you the total estimation. A mold inspector can easily check the attic, crawl space, basement, and pipelines too.

After getting the estimation, take some time to think about the deal. Compare your budget with the estimated price, and see if you can make it under your budget You can also ask for your mold inspectors’ opinion as they are professional and knows how much the house actually costs and if you should consider buying it or not.

Issues A Moldy House Will Bring To You

A moldy house will not only make your health sick but also your wallet too. There are numerous health issues in staying in a moldy house. Such as

  • Runny nose
  • Constant coughing
  • Watery eyes
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

If you keep on living in a moldy house, these symptoms will get worse. This will increase your unwanted medical bill.

Cleaning the mold will also cost you more money. But if you think that the house is a good deal with value for money and if the mold inspector gives you a green signal, then you should go ahead with that deal, and leave the rest to us.

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