35% Hydrogen Peroxide For Black Mold Removal

How To use 35% hydrogen peroxide for Black mold removal?

Among all the types of molds, Black mold is generally redeemed as the most dangerous and persistent one. According to Mold Removal Denver, Black mold is one of the hardest types of mold to remove completely. However, at the early stage, you can try to remove it with a special DIY technique: using 35% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Food-grade 35% hydrogen peroxide is powerful enough to remove black mold from the root. Make a solution of (1 + 1/4) cup of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide solution and (14 + 3/4) cup of water. Then scrub the mold infested area with the solution.

Though the process may seem very straightforward, don’t attempt it yet. We have much more to share about this method. You’ll also need to be aware of the precautions.

Why Not use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide?

Most of the commercially available hydrogen peroxides are 3% solution. This is the safest concentration for regular use. Anything beyond 10% can be caustic and burn our skin. Consequently, you might ask, why are we recommending 35% hydrogen peroxide as it is much more powerful than the safe concentration level.

The 3% solution is not powerful enough to remove black mold from the core. That’s why you need something more powerful and caustic. Of course, you’ll need to use proper safety items before attempting anything with 35% hydrogen peroxide solution. The safety items must include protective gloves and glasses.\

If you still find the process risky, don’t worry! You can get our professional help TODAY! Just send us an email describing your mold situation & one of our chosen experts will contact you ASAP!

How To Use 35% Hydrogen Peroxide For Black Mold Removal?

  • Never start to scrub off the mold when it is dry. It will immediately make the mold spores loose and spread through the air. These spores can start mold infestation in hundreds of other places. Not only that, mold spores can cause severe allergic reactions including cough, sneezing, etc.
  • Before attempting to remove the mold, you’ll need to seal off the affected area. By sealing off, I mean make sure the ventilation is closed off properly. The windows and doors should be sealed off with tape. This ensures the mold spores can’t spread to other rooms of the house.
  • Make a solution of (1 + 1/4) cup of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide solution and (14 + 3/4) cup of water.
  • Spray the mold infested area thoroughly with the solution until it gets wet.
  • Then start to scrub off the mold. A sponge or non-metallic brush is good against black mold.

Some Precautions

  • Make sure the 35% Hydrogen peroxide solution is labelled ‘Food-Grade’
  • Keep the bottle in a safe & locked space (obviously out of children’s hand)

1 thought on “How To use 35% hydrogen peroxide for Black mold removal?”

  1. After diluting that 35% hydrogen peroxide (1.25 cups) with distilled water (14.75 cups), it becomes 3%, same strength just like the store bought ones. The only difference is it doesn’t have stabilizers like the ones from the local stores. So it’s not that 3% isn’t enough, it’s that the stabilizers in the regular store bought ones cause them not to be as effective? Or am I missing something here?

    And what’s the danger of mixing say 5% solution (i.e. 1 cup 35% hydrogen peroxide with 7 cups distilled water), assuming all typical safety precautions are observed.


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