The attic is an important part of a house. But most of the time this place stays neglected when it comes to cleaning. If you left mold-affected attics untreated, over time the molds will grow larger and might eventually cause huge damage to the structure of a building.

You should seek out the help of professionals if you see mold growth in your attic as this place is really narrow and not always easily accessible.

Attic mold remediation cost starts from approximately $1,000-$5,000. The attic mold remediation cost will depend on the size of your attic and the accessibility of the attic. If you ignore the moldy patches or the symptoms, then over time mold might cause more damage to your attic including the decaying wood or plywood boards you have in there. So, you should get your attic professionally cleaned once in a while.

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Most attic spaces are narrow and not easily accessible but not for us. Here at Mold Removal Denver CO, we treat all kinds of mold with utmost care including attic mold to provide a mold-free home space for you and your family. Give us a call if you have any queries regarding molds in your home.

In today’s post, we will talk about attic mold remediation costs and how you can keep your attic mold-free.

So, let’s get started.

Can Mold Be Removed From Attic?

Mold removal from the attic is not an easy task. Most attics are a narrow space that is situated between the roof and the remaining of a house. So, there is not that much space for a non-professional person to clean it.

Mold is removable from the attic. We would suggest you take the help of professionals to clean it. Unlike other places in your home, attics are not that accessible, and cleaning it can be a pretty hassle for you.

And the cost of attic mold removal is not much if you think about the well-being of your whole house. Dealing with mold in the attic is not easy, you can try the DIY methods but those are not that powerful. You can contact us for mold removal from your attic, one of our chosen specialists will observe and treat your attic mold completely to ensure your safety.

Mold Remediation Cost Factors For Attic

There are many factors that will determine the cost of mold remediation from the attic. First of all, how much space and accessibility you have in your attic will determine the cost. If you have a narrow attic space then it will take more labor and hard work to properly clean it, so it will take more bucks to clean the attic.

Secondly how much mold has affected your attic will also determine the cost. If you neglect a moldy attic, it will become much worse, and you have to spend more money to get it cleaned because mold remediation is done by using powerful chemicals. So, the more you neglect your attic mold problem, the more it will increase the overall cleaning expense.

The average size of an attic is normally between 1600 sq. ft-1800 sq. ft. And the average price per square foot is between $13-$30 for cleaning mold. The per-square-foot pricing will depend on the remediation company and how much mold you have in your home.

Here is a pricing guide for attic mold removal by the square foot. (Here we will use standard pricing to give you the overall idea)

Per square foot priceMold range (sq. ft)Overall price
$1350 sq. ft.$650
$14100 sq. ft$1,400
$15100 sq. ft$1,500
$30100 sq. ft$3,000

Per square-foot pricing is not always constant, it will depend on the remediation company. They will inspect the moldy area and tell you how much they will charge per square foot.

Is Mold In The Attic Serious?

Yes, mold in the attic is a serious problem and people don’t understand that easily. Molds are hazardous for our health, it is also hazardous for the health of your property. Ever wondered why no one lives in those old, moldy houses?

Once mold affects your furniture or house, after some time it will grow in huge portions. And these moldy surfaces will get decayed after a while. Decaying moldy surfaces are hard and costly to clean, not to mention that they are not always clean. The longer you wait the more you have to pay for mold removal.

Mold breaks down everything, once they grow in some place, they start the process of breaking it down. So, mold in your attic is a serious problem. They can ruin your roof as well as the structure of your house.

We will advise you to get your attic cleaned by professionals as early as possible. Otherwise, you might have to invest more money in renovating the whole house. And most importantly the cost of mold removal will increase if you wait for more. Mold Removal Denver CO is always there to help you out, just give us a call to get your attic professionally cleaned.

Is It Common To Have Mold In Attic?

The attic is one of the common areas that get affected by mold. Mold needs a certain environment to grow and thrive. And attics are the perfect place for molds to grow. The main causes of attic mold are-

  • Poor ventilated attic
  • Water leakage in the roof
  • Poor ventilation in your home
  • Poor cleanup

Tips For Keeping Attic Mold Free

Follow these tips to keep your attic mold free

  • Regularly check for water leakage.
  • Check for roof leakage.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • Install exhaust fans if you can.
  • Always check the attic environment.
  • Keep your attic moist-free.
  • Regularly clean it and get it checked by professionals once in a while.
  • Ensure adequate air ventilation.
  • Check for roof damage.

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