Mold is harmful for the human body but its not the only thing that mold affects. Mold growing in your home can eventually damage the structure of your house, and after a while it can destroy the house as well. No one want their beloved homes to get destroyed by mold, right?

Depending on the environment of the house it might take 8-10 years for mold to destroy a house. This time is not always constant. It will depend on the environment and the structure of the house. If the structure of the house is well founded and strong, then it will take more time.

This time period might seem like a lot to you, but its not. Before reaching this time, if you don’t fix the mold problem your house will face many problems. Your attic may break down and cause roof damage, your water supply line will also get interrupted.

Here at Mold Removal Denver CO, we often deal with heavily damaged houses. Upon asking, the homeowners reply that they waited a long time for mold to disappear, but it didn’t so now they ended up with a highly damaged house.

We understand that mold is gross and disgusting but it doesn’t mean that they will disappear on their own. If you keep on waiting, it will only grow more and will cost you more to clean it up.

In todays post we will talk about how long it takes mold to destroy a house and what to do to stop them.

So, let’s get started.

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How Mold Destroys The Structure Of Your House

Mold is gross inside of our homes, but it totally rocks outside. Mold helps with breaking down the dead leaves and animal bodies. This helps us to continue the life cycle on Earth.

So, as you can see mold breaks down everything, and this is its sole purpose. Thus, when it grows inside a home it starts breaking down the parts slowly. Eventually it damages the structure of the whole house.

If you leave the mold uncleaned, overtime it will become much worse. Mold can affect the water supply line and your water supply can get interrupted. It can even affect your attic and damage the roof of your house.

How Long Does It Take To Rid A House Of Mold?

It depends on the amount of mold you have in your house. If you have a crazy amount of mold growing in your home, then it will take long to clean it up.

Normally it takes about 5-7 days to get rid of mold from your house. An inspector will inspect your house and tell you the estimation along with the time. Want to get an estimation? Just give us a call.

Is It OK To Live In A House With Mold?

Nope, absolutely not. There are two reasons behind this. Let us tell you why.

  1. Mold is not good for your health.

Mold is not good for your health it can immediately make you sick. And if you have allergy then it can make your situation even worse.

  • Mold is also not good for your wallet.

If you get sick by mold, you have to spend more on unwanted medical bills. You can just get rid of these unwanted medical bills if you get your house professionally cleaned. If you keep on delaying the cleaning process this will make the mold to spread even more thus causing you spend more money on cleaning.

So, get your house professionally checked and cleaned by a professional. And save more money for other important stuffs.

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