Bathroom mold can be a disgusting issue. But it can get even more disgusting when it comes to cleaning it. This is where you need the help of professionals most. If you are facing a bathroom mold outbreak it is better for you to get it cleaned by professionals as early as possible as bathrooms are already a good home for germs and bacteria. Mold can make the bathroom environment worse.

Bathroom mold removal will cost you around $500 to $1500 depending on the size of your bathroom and how much mold you have in your bathroom. The mold removal cost will also depend on how much space the professionals have to clean and what type of mold you have in your bathroom.

Typically, bathrooms are the home for germs and bacteria, and mold outbreak can make this environment very toxic for you if you don’t get it cleaned right away. But worry not, here at Mold Removal Denver CO we treat all kinds of molds including bathroom mold with our topnotch service to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

In todays post, we will talk about bathroom mold removal cost and how you can keep your bathroom mold free.

So, let’s get started.

How Much Do Bathroom Mold Removal Cost

There are many factors that determines the cost of bathroom mold removal. As we have mentioned before it can cost you around starting from $500 to $1500. This range depends on the condition of your bathroom and how much mold you have in there.

and bathroom mold removal per square foot might cost you starting from $14 to $20. This range will also vary depending on your mold removal company. First, they will inspect the bathroom area and tell you the estimated price.

Want to get an estimation? Just give us a call.

Besides cleaning the bathroom, if you have other things to repair like walls and floors, they will charge you extra bucks. Here is a list of other things you might need.

LocationPer square foot cost
Bathroom drywall replacement$3 to $20
Bathroom Plumbing or fixing leakage$50 to $100
Bathroom Floor replacement$3 to $8
Installing dehumidifier in bathroom$50 to $400
Bathroom painting$2 to $5

This price range is not always constant, the overall pricing will change depending on your bathrooms condition.

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Is Mold In The Bathroom Serious?

Yes, it is very serious. Unlike the attic mold problem which can eventually ruin the structure of your house, bathroom is pretty different. We spend quite some time in bathroom whether to clean ourselves or for getting the toxic things out of our body. Bathrooms are filled with germs and bacteria. It is the most germ filled place in a house.

This is the reason, doctors tell us to clean our hand after using bathroom. and if mold outbreaks in your bathroom, it can easily make the environment toxic.

So, you should always be careful about mold growth in bathroom and take this matter seriously.

Mold can even grow on the bathtub that you are using, and you can come in direct contact with mold if you keep on using that moldy bathroom.

When To Call Professionals?

Our suggestion would be that you call in professionals as soon as you see mold in your bathroom. This is for two reasons. To save you spending more money and to protect you from mold hazards.

If mold grows in large quantity, then it will cost you more to clean it, you can see the cost guide. Every square foot of mold is counted to clean it. More mold, more money to clean it. So, you should call professionals as early as possible and get that mold cleaned by professionals.

Long time mold exposure is not good for our health. Bathroom mold can mix with bathroom germs and make the environment toxic. If you fall sick from mold, this will cost you more money on hospital bills and medicines. So, it is better for us to prevent it.

Is It Common To Have Mold In Bathroom?

Yes, mold growth in bathroom is very common. Most of the homeowners and tenants will face it at some point of their lives.

Bathrooms are the perfect place for mold to grow, failed toilet, high humidity these are perfect environments for mold to grow.

Mold On Bathroom Ceiling

High humidity and cold temperature areas are more likely to get mold on bathroom ceiling. If your bathroom has a low ventilation then the humid air will get trapped in the bathroom, encouraging mold growth on the ceiling.

If you left this issue untreated over time the paint will bubble up and it will affect the drywall. Mold growing in bathroom corners are often for low ventilation and the poor insulation in attic. This will promote the mold growth in bathroom.

Here at Mold Removal Denver CO, we treat all kinds of molds including bathroom mold, want to get an estimation? Just give us a call.

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